About The Team

Heather Handyside

Heather is a doting mom to 8-yr-old Owen and to prove it she has photos stored on her laptop, PC and iPhone, videos posted to YouTube, and kindergarten artwork crammed into boxes under her bed. When her husband suggested that they save time, space and sanity by loading all their best memories online, Heather wasn’t satisfied with any of the services available and decided to start her own site, www.mybabyface.com. She hopes all you’ll appreciate a site designed for busy moms by a busy mom and that you’ll send suggestions that will make the BabyFace experience even better to her at: heather@mybabyface.com.

Rory Handyside

There’s an old saying that two Handyside’s in the hand is better than one in the bush…or something like that. In this case it happens to be true. Rory has a degree in Business Administration and a background in financial planning, accounting, benefits planning, commercial insurance, technology sourcing, online marketing and global procurement. Rory is the go-to guy for all things financial and number-y. Rory just married his sweetheart Christine and though they don’t have any children yet, the whole team is hoping for another new customer soon.

Kevin Traver

If they made a technology super hero action figure, they would base the proto-type on Kevin. Kevin never leaves home without a backpack full of gear. Need a programming expert? Call Kevin. Want to do an impromptu presentation for an investor you happen to meet? Kevin has a super-small projector in his mysterious backpack. When he is not long distance running, this guy lives and breathes technology. He makes sure that BabyFace is user-friendly AND tech-savvy.