About us

Watching your child grow is an exhilarating and bittersweet experience for parents. We rejoice with each milestone, commiserate with each setback, and try not to let the fierceness of our love cast a shadow over our children that will prevent them from growing into the wonderful adults we want them to become.

Along the way, there are a million memorable moments that shape your child. First smile. Letters to Santa Claus. The time he cut his own hair. The first time she rode her bike without training wheels. These memories live in the minds of parents everywhere.

BabyFace was designed for busy parents who want a simple way to record the story of their child's life--anytime, anywhere. Use our website and mobile app as a modern-day baby book. With BabyFace you can build a history of your child from conception to birth, toddler to teen, and everywhere in-between. Think of BabyFace as a virtual scrapbook for storing photos, videos, notes, emails and texts. The BabyFace app for smartphones enables mobile moms to shoot video, take photos using with customized filters, and to jot down comical quotes.

We created BabyFace because we know children grow up too fast and if you can't keep them little, at least make sure you have a safe place keep all the wonderful memories of their childhood. BabyFace--because parents don't want to forget a single moment.